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Adapted to the market in every respect

DANSANI is a market-oriented company. When the market moves, we move with it. As a credible supplier, we do not follow every whim of the market, but we adapt to the market, as and when it is appropriate, resulting in business advantages for us and our retailers.

Our entire organisation and business concept are geared towards ultimate flexibility. This applies to every focus area: product development, supply chain and customer relations.

DANSANI is a privately-owned company, with a short distance from decision to action. This allows us to develop and realise products and concepts within a short space of time in close collaboration with our customers. In this way, we are able to meet the constantly changing needs and conditions of the different markets at any time. For our customers and our customers' customers.

We do not have an unwieldy production set-up, which determines the product development and thereby impedes adjustment to the changing needs of the markets. DANSANI is very ready to adapt and manoeuvrable every step of the way. Among other things, this enables us to achieve faster time to market for new products - a vital competitive parameter at a time when markets and trends are changing at an unprecedented rate.

At DANSANI, we outsource the manufacturing of most of the components we design for our products. We enter into partnerships with carefully selected suppliers, who are specialists within their respective fields. This ensures that we get the best of all worlds - and optimal competence throughout the manufacturing process.