Dansani employees
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Enjoyment, respect and courage are our driving forces

Our organisation is based on three core values: enjoyment, respect and courage.

The enjoyment of working for DANSANI and the enjoyment of using our products. Respect for the environment, for each other and for individual differences. And the courage to develop, to be different, to take responsibility and to move in new directions. This is the only way we can ensure that we are at the forefront within our market segment. For us, "this is not how we usually do it" is not an argument. Nor is "we can't".

As a starting point, nothing is impossible until we have considered it carefully, researched and explored every avenue! This is our approach and it means that you, as a business partner or customer of ours, are entitled to expect that bit more. At DANSANI, we are happy to go the extra mile to manufacture attractive, high quality bathroom furniture, to supply a market-oriented and up-to-date product range, to satisfy the wishes of our retailers and to honour delivery agreements.

However impressive this sounds, it is just as important for everyone at the company to thrive as part of the team for it to be credible. Dansani believes that you are only motivated to be responsive, open, honest, responsible, committed and dynamic when you are happy in your workplace and in your job. Our employees are Dansani's greatest asset. That is why we attach great importance to having a good and rewarding personnel policy, which promotes healthy, result-generating wellbeing. For the individual and for our organisation as a whole.

All this contributes to the professionalism which you will encounter at every level at DANSANI.