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Dansani Calidris fitting instructions

677Handling mirror doors
700Guidance for electrical products
936Fitting instruction and adjustment of mirror cabinet hinges
949Organisation with drawer dividers
951Vanity unit with drawers
952Vanity unit with doors
953Vanity unit with flip doors
954Cabinets with drawers
955Cabinets with doors (width: 40 cm)
957Console solutions
958Framed mirror with integrated LED lighting
959Mirror with Saturn/Venus lamp
960Mirror cabinet with Saturn/Venus lamp (depth: 15 cm)
961Mirror cabinet with rounded doors
962Accessories for wall fitting
963Wall cabinet with mirror doors
964Cabinets with doors (width: 80 cm)
965Maintenance guide
966Precausions by use of Strapex for packaging
967Mirror without lamps
968LED lighting mirror with white-lacquered frame
969Mirror cabinet with Saturn/Venus lamp (depth: 11.3 cm)
973Cut-out template for "smooth handles" (not to scale - only guiding)
1086Bottle trap, round
1087Bottle trap, square
1088Basin waste with overflow function
1089Basin waste with push-open function
1096Cut-out template for Calidris washbasins
IM-0046Round Venus lamp for ceiling
IM-0047Saturn lamp for wall mounting