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Dansani Calidris

528Soft closing for mirror cabinets
677Handling mirrors
700Guidance for electrical products
949Organisation with drawer dividers
951Vanity units with drawers
952Vanity units with doors
953Vanity units with flip door
954Cabinets with drawers
955Cabinets with doors (width: 40 cm)
957Washbasins on worktop
958Framed mirrors
959Mirrors with Saturn/Venus Lamps
960Mirror cabinets
961Mirror cabinets with rounded doors
962Accessories for wall mounting
963Cabinets with mirrored doors
964Cabinets with doors (width: 80 cm)
965Maintenance instructions
966Precautions by use of Strapex for packaging
967Mirrors without lamps
969Mirror cabinets (depth: 11,3 cm)
973Mounting guide for 'Smooth' handles
982Clips for glass shelves
IM-0022Mirrors with LED light