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Dansani Luna fitting instructions

502Maintenance guide
531Mirror cabinet with round circular lights
533Framed mirror with light
545Cut-out template for handles
554Shelf including hidden brackets
557Vanity unit with doors for Micro Menuet washbasins
654Wall cabinet
656Cut-out template for handles
677Handling mirror doors
678Shelving unit
700Guidance for electrical products
880Magnifying mirror
918Piano washbasin - wall fitting
927Waste and overflow kit for Cadenza washbasin
936Fitting instruction and adjustment of mirror cabinet hinges
999Laundry bag
1002Mirror with Kubus lamp
1004Vivo washbasin - wall fitting
1014Mirror with integrated LED lighting
1050Side cabinets
1051Cut-out template for optional handle (not to scale, only guiding)
1056Wooden trays for pull-out in tall units
1058Jupiter and Venus LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1060Plano and Stratos LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1065Tall unit with mirror doors (50 cm width)
1066Tall unit with mirror door (35 cm width)
1068Metal shelf for mirror cabinet
1069Mirror cabinet with mirror on the sides and integrated LED top lighting
1070Mirror cabinet without lighting - additional choice of lamps
1070Mirror cabinet with vertical lighting in the sides - additional choice of lamps
1071Heat panel for mirror
1072Vanity unit with drawers
1073Vanity unit with doors
1077Mirror without lighting - additional choice of LED lamps
1078Light panel for vanity units
1079Worktop for tabletop washbasins
1080Tall unit
1084Kubus 230V light for mirror and mirror cabinet
1086Bottle trap, round
1087Bottle trap, square
1088Basin waste with overflow function
1089Basin waste with push-open function
1091Cover ring - cut-out for piping - Ø56mm
1092Cover ring - cut-out for piping - Ø35mm
1095Cut-out template for Canto washbasins
1096Cut-out template for Piano washbasins
1097Mirrors with external lamps
1103Mirror cabinet with light in top and bottom
1105Mirror with integrated lighting
1136Jupiter celing spot
1139Saturn lamp
1140Push open
1141Jupiter celing pendant
DAN-3052.01Maintenance guide for wooden trays
IM-0046Round Venus lamp for ceiling
MB-004-01Solo mirror with integrated lighting
PURUSWaste and overflow kit for Cadenza washbasin